Teds Woodworking Review

What is Teds Woodworking®?

Are you looking for a program that will assist you to complete your wooden projects without stress? If yes, with Ted’s Woodworking program, you can achieve your woodworking goals in the best possible way by following the woodworking plans as well as the techniques provided therein. In other words, the concept of building woodworking projects as fast as possible can be understood if the step by step instructions offered are followed accordingly. With this program, you will not encounter any issue because everything will be explained to you with diagrams without confusion. This is not a program created overnight, in fact, it took the creator around 40 years to gather the necessary information from the world’s extensive selections of woodworking, and blueprints to allow you to be at ease creating things that you would like permanently.

Simply build spectacular “professional woodworking projects” with the methodical guidelines presented in a blueprint to take part in 16, 000 complete woodworking tasks. Before going to the practical aspect of it, ensure that you have thoroughly read the strategies to be followed and you will be sure of yourself every time. Your wooden project can be completed in no time with the simple instructions in this program

  • Step-By-Step Instructions the DIY smart saw
  • Cutting & Materials Lists
  • Detailed Schematics
  • Views from All Angles
  • Suitable for Beginners & Professionals!

Type of Projects You Can Start Building Today:

This is a very comprehensive package that covers almost any kind of woodworking project

Outdoor Projects

Furniture Designs

Kids Crafts & More!

Small Crafts

About the Author

The author of this program is Ted McGrath, and he is not only a longtime member of the architectural woodwork institute but also a skilled master woodworker. He has been successful as a trainer, an educator as well as an author. The four decades of his woodworking career has been spent to compile the most thorough collection of woodworking plans all over the world.

Through the creation of Ted’s woodworking, Ted McGrath is now making all these plans available to everybody without any restriction.

Why Are Teds Woodworking® Plans Better than Others?

1. Step-By-Step Instructions

You will receive comprehensive projects with thorough, A to Z directions which makes creating projects super-fast, very simple as well as super enjoyable. With the primary "hold-you-by-the hand" guidelines, it is possible to accomplish woodworking tasks in the small fraction of times it presently takes you. It's similar to having a MASTER woodworker available, directing you throughout the whole project

2. Cutting & Materials List

You obtain precise cutting and substances list for each project. It will be easier to purchase specific quantities meaning you'll cease throwing away your hard-earned money on bad wood, inappropriate materials or the wrong amount. It economizes time and reduces waste. It saves money. You'll spend more time creating, less time worrying.

3. Detailed Schematics

With well-defined and vibrant schematics contained in every plan, there's undoubtedly no uncertainty involved. The level of suggestions makes the most demanding task a walk in the park! When instructions are this clear, your project has already BUILT ITSELF. It is pretty easy for all the pieces to click into place. You'll complete projects in a fraction of the time it usually takes you.

4. Views from All Angles

Now you can observe precisely how everything should look BEFORE you build them. The majority of blueprints don't contain this as they are just based on assumption. You'll end up creating an object that doesn't appear like the drawing! You get complex information of each position, each corner, each joint. The programs will NEVER make you speculating or itching your mind over every detail.

5. Suitable for Beginners & Professionals

We've got programs that include all stages of skill and expertise. You are not required to be a professional woodworker or have the costly equipment to utilize our programs. Regardless of whether you're a total starter, a novice woodworker with hand equipment or an experienced pro, you'll discover a large number of projects which will match your level.

Plans So Detailed...It Practically Builds Itself!

All your plans comes with highly detailed schematics so there is no need for guesswork!

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Teds Woodworking™ is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Teds Woodworking™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

Get These Exclusive Bonuses for Free

Bonus #1: DWG/CAD Plan Viewer

To assist you to build and design your project, do not even think about paying for expensive CAD software. You will be able to modify/edit the existing woodworking plans up to the point of creating your unique plans from scratch with DWG/CAD plan viewer software.

Bonus #2: 150 Premium Woodworking Videos

Automatically, you will receive unrestricted membership access of a lifetime to over 150 top-class videos that are provided by veteran woodworkers and offer thorough information on a number of woodworking topics with each Ted’s woodworking purchase.

Bonus #3: How to Start A Woodworking Business

Your woodwork passion can be effortlessly turned into woodwork profit. This means that you will have the knowledge of selling your custom woodwork for premium prices with the comprehensive, step-by-step guide that are offered in this program.

Bonus #4: Complete Woodworking Guides

There are more than 200 pages of woodworking tricks and tips with detailed diagram, drawing, and photos incorporated in complete woodworking carpentry guide created by Ted.

Bonus #5: Download Free Plans for Life

New plans that have been enlisted in the company workshop are released by Ted’s woodworking team on a monthly basis. Without expiration date or recurring fees, you will automatically have lifetime access to these plans as a member.

How Does Ted’s Woodworking Work for You?


  • The purpose of this program is to assist you to create your projects effortlessly and in a swift way with the detailed instructions provided from A to Z which allow construction projects to be great, quick, and easy forever.
  • You can quickly get the precise cutting and lists of the materials that are required for your projects, so buying it in the right amount will not be a problem. For this reason, there is no need to squander money on bad wood, and awful materials. It is just to preserve time as well as minimizing waste. Bottomline, your hard-earned money will be saved, and you will not waste time building your projects.
  • You don’t need to guess when it comes to this program because every plan consists of a colorful and clear scheme. Irrespective of the level of details, if the directives are clear, it will be easy for all the pieces to click together. Either you are a beginner or a skilled woodworker, your project can be completed faster than the common ones.
  • Before you start building your project, you can see how it looks.
  • All level of competencies and skills are covered by our plans, and using expensive machines to implement our ideas will not be needed since you will be a principal woodworker.

Pros and Cons of Teds Woodworking: A Fair Judgment

Pros of Teds Woodworking

  • It is the right package that works with step by step instructions for all the projects. Here, you can get your layout and plan for more than 16,000 projects to do whatever you want at any time.
  • You can get direct help from woodworkers to assist you in any project without making it difficult for you.
  • It is the appropriate package that works well with detailed directions for all the projects. Here, you will discover your design and plan for over 16, 000 tasks to accomplish everything you desire at any time.
  • You can get immediate assistance from woodworkers to help you with any project without making it challenging for you.
  • Completing your project professionally, cheaply, and quickly can be done all the time effortlessly.
  • Through email or forum support, you will be able to get lifelong support from the expert woodworkers. You will be able to complete your project without any difficulty since all the help you required will be given to you.
  • To ensure customers’ satisfaction, this program comes with a cash back guarantee.

Cons of Teds Woodworking

There are few disadvantages of these plans which include;

  • You will not be able to achieve the expected results if the guidelines given by Ted is not followed accordingly or if any step from the listed schedule is avoided.
  • It is not available offline.
  • With virtually all the number of blueprints available, it is but typical for the business of these components to be a little complicated. Although these offers are arranged under various classes for easy location, the vast quantity of plans might get a bit too much to handle for the user.


Having ideas will not be difficult if you can find what you desire easily because Teds woodworking contains various categories. Making other kinds of woodworks and best furniture can also be done with ease since this program contains videos that can be utilized by anyone. It just requires an ideal plan to examine and select the plan which is best for you.

It is advisable to grab this opportunity for this is a comprehensive woodwork program. You will be able to get your cash back 100% by sending email to the customer support team if you are not satisfied with this program. That is to say, 60-day money back guarantee is offered in this program with no questions asked. But I am sure that this program will give the expected result for anyone, and your business can also be supported by it. Grab this opportunity right now because it’s not going to last forever.

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Teds Woodworking™ is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Teds Woodworking™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.