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My Doctor Told Me the depressing news... "Your Kidneys Are FAILING!"

Six months ago I didn't know what to do to heal my kidneys.

My kidney health got worse as time when on . . . Nothing the doctor's gave me for prescriptions

or told me to do seemed to help reverse my kidney disease.

At my last appointment, my Doctor told me...

"My time was running out.. . and soon my kidneys would require dialysis treatments".
I knew I was destined to experience the many horrors of kidney dialysis...and it didn't seem like

there was anything I could do to stop it.

I was terribly worried about being chained to a dialysis machine for the rest of my life.
I endured sleepless nights because I did not know how I was going to endure dialysis or pay for

the high medical costs of dialysis treatments.

I suffered with a constant FOG in my brain ... along with moodiness, fatigue, swelling,

headaches, depression and loss of appetite. My blood pressure continued to rise even higher

(and I was taking my high blood pressure meds!)

My worsening kidney disease symptoms included:

  • Nausea and vomiting and constant stomach upset
  • Passing only small amounts of urine and stopping and starting while urinating
  • Swelling in my ankles and lower legs
  • Puffiness around my eyes with brain fog and moodiness
  • Chronic fatigue and shortness of breath when exerting myself
  • Loss of appetite and not wanting to eat at all
  • Increasingly higher blood pressure
  • Bouts of anxiety and depression
  • Muscle cramps which were worse in my legs

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

If you experience any of these symptoms this could be a warning sign of early kidney disease.

The biggest problem is most people don't have many symptoms or attribute them to 'getting

older' and don't know their kidneys are failing until it is too late and they have stage 3 or stage 4

kidney disease!

Blood and urine tests can help uncover signs of early kidney disease and monitor the condition

so be sure if you think you have problems with your kidneys go and get tested.

Your doctor will check your blood pressure and the levels of your urine protein or albumin in

your urine.

When your kidneys are damaged and lose their function they develop small holes which allow

this protein to leak through into the urine. Then your doctor may do tests to check your GFR

(glomerular filtration rate).

The GFR is a test that tells how well your kidneys are filtering your blood. Your "filtering rate" is

called a blood Creatinine Test.

Creatinine is a waste product which is in your blood and a score of 90 or above is normal. A

score 15 or lower indicates kidney damage that requires dialysis or a kidney transplant. If your

tests are abnormal your Doctor may refer you to a kidney specialist called a Nephrologist. A

kidney biopsy takes a small amount of kidney tissue and is used to diagnose the cause and

extent of kidney damage.

You may be wondering... What really causes kidneys to fail?

There are many different reasons for kidneys to fail, if you have hypertension and/or diabetes, or

other health disorders which cause kidneys to stop functioning. There are many treatments to

help reverse kidney disease and you can read about them on the next page.


What Are the Treatments for Kidney Disease?

Medications, especially drugs that control diabetes and high blood pressure, can sometimes

help slow the progress of chronic kidney disease. A sudden loss of kidney function may

improve if the underlying cause such as hypertension or high blood sugar is resolved. But if

your kidney disease is severe enough and no longer function your only options are dialysis or a

kidney transplant.

But first let me fill you in on what you need to know about how you can avoid dialysis or a

kidney transplant.

It was right at the time my Doctor told me...

"My time was running out.. . and soon my kidneys would require dialysis treatments".

That a friend of mine sent me a link to a website that helped his Mother. She was just like me,

and was suffering with failing kidneys and experienced the same worries and fears I was going


At first what I found on this website seemed too good to be true.

How could changing my diet and the foods I ate and taking simple supplements help me heal

my kidneys when everything my Doctor had suggested I do failed?

All I could do was try it and see if it worked.

Because in less than two months I knew I would be on dialysis because my Doctor had just

put my name on the Dialysis list!

Here's where the story gets a little strange...

Two months later...

Instead of my kidneys sliding down the slippery slope of kidney failure and getting progressively

worse... they started to get better!

I was floored!

The next time I went to my Doctor for blood tests and kidney scans, my kidney failure was


My Doctor could not believe how much improved my kidney function output had increased and my

GFR was UP and creatinine levels lower!

My kidneys were starting to work again, and removing all the toxins in my body!

No longer was I being faced by suffering with dialysis (and all the many health problems dialysis

causes, considerable pain, worsening risks of cancer, possible blood clots and stroke -- not to

mention the life style changes I would have to endure to stay alive...)

I got my life back!

Now... I am using this 100% all natural protocol which restored my kidney function and did it

naturally, without the use of unnatural man-made pharmaceutical drugs or dialysis!
In less than two months my kidneys were on the mend.
Now six months later...

My kidney's are back to normal again!

The answer to what finally worked to heal my kidneys and restore their function to normal levels

is at the bottom of this page.

Please continue to read on to the next page which tells you all about how I reversed my kidney

disease with a "no dialysis needed, all natural kidney health and kidney function restoration


*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.